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Experience and biography of the shaman

  • The experience of the Shaman

Ronin Soi (his spanish official name is Filder Agustín) is a Shipibo shaman in his forties from the Pucallpa region. Heir to a powerful family of shamans, he bathes from childhood in shamanism. Indeed, from a very young age, his mother took him with her in the ceremonies of ayahuasca led by his grandfather Martín Muñoz, who sang a specific icaro to him to be physically strong by transmitting him the strength of certain animals, like the horse. His grandmother also administered to him different plants to raise awareness of the plant world and to treat him when he was sick.

This strong preparation lead him to become interested in shamanism. At the age of 11, his grandfather made him drink ayahuasca for the first time. A few years later, he began an apprenticeship by multiplying diets based on different plants (see part on the diet, which is also the form of shamanic learning). By his majority, he moved to Lima with his mother. There he met some people from Lima with whom he performed ayahuasca ceremonies. His mother introduced him to a cousin of hers, Antonio Vasquez, who is himself a shaman and with whom he began a new apprenticeship. Back in his home village, he went on diets, supervised by his uncle.

If each shaman has his own specialty based on the plants he has ingested during his diets, the different learning that Ronin Soi has achieved with his two instructors has resulted in the accumulation and acquisition of two distinct knowledges, making him a particularly experienced and recognized shaman, as evidenced by the official certificate of traditional doctor that the organization shipibo-konibo Coshikox issued him (see part 'security').

For about ten years, Ronin Soi has been established with his family in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Pisaq where he performs ayahuasca ceremonies and therapies on the long term, but also in his village near Pucallpa or in some shamanic centers who he works with. He is particularly specialized in pathologies such as depression, addiction and emotional disorders of all kinds.

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