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The best retreat ceremony in Cusco with Ayahuasca Perú

Do the best Ayahuasca Ceremony Retreat with Ronin Soy, a specialist certified shaman of the amazon of Perú. We are ubicated in the Inca´s Sacred Valley in Cusco (Taray, Písac) in the Oni Shobo center.
Our ayahuasca´s retreat It is an advanced cleansing of the body and spirit.

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What is Ayahuasca?

What is Ayahuasca?Ayahuasca is known as the combination of plants  of the Amazonia. The medicinal combination flood those who ingest it, the Shipibo-Konibo calls this Koshi, which means energy or positive force. The Koshi energy purifies the body through the soul and therefore, serves to cure physical and emotional problems. Recently the National Institute of Culture of Peru has declared the traditional and ritual use of Ayahuasca a cultural patrimony of the nation. The Amazonian tradition of the Shipibo-Konibo people, masters and protectors of the Rao plants, teach that the Ayahuasca must be administered by a shaman, called a Onanya, during a nocturnal session in which he “travels” by the different scopes of the cosmos and chaiconibo and communicates with the protective spirits. After years of learning, shamans acquire great experience in the communication with the spirits and meraya, which means “the one who becomes the jaguar”. The jaguar is associated with the eternal beings of the solar fire called the Inka, who populate the celestial sphere of the cosmos Shipibo - Konibo

Ayahuasca Perú Retreat

Ayahuasca Peru Retreat

The ayahuasca retreat with Ronin Soy in Ayahuasca Peru, is different than a simple retreat. It is an advanced cleansing of the body and spirit. This advanced cleansing is particularly beneficient for persons suffering from emotional problems and sick persons. However persons in good health desiring to work on themselves are benefiting also from the retreat.

A typical weekly retreat includes 2 or 3 ceremonies, a strict alimentary diet, consisting of a daily meal without salt, meat and alcohol, limited exterior contacts or visits to the village.

More simple retreat can be provided on request.

Ayahuasca Peru Retreat Center in Cusco

The client is a guest who has his own room outlooking the surrounding mountain in which he is free to make long walks and hikes. (See the ubication of Oni Shobo, the retreat center)

Harmonious icaros are sung during the seance in order that the ayahuasca deeply penetrates and the client becomes more susceptible and receptive.

The retreat can be effectuated in our house (Oni Shobo) situated in the mountain of Taray. in  the Sacred Valley near Cusco. There is no time limit for a retreat. The lenght of the retreat can be determinated  by the guest himself or in collaboration with the shaman.

You can read the testimonies of our visitors or contact us for more information about out retreat

About the shaman: Ronin Soy

Our shaman, Ronin Soy - Filder Agustin

Ronin Soy

Filder Agustín, whose Shipibo name is Ronin Soy which means Snake of the sweet water, is a master who has inherited the old Shipibo traditions of shamanic medicine. 

A powerful healer, Filder offers his work compromised for the healing of the people that seek to heal their spirit and body, especially with ayahuasca

The songs (icaros), whose origin has been lost in ancient times, invoke the powers of the natural world to return the equilibrium and harmony.




You can read the testimonies of our visitors or contact us for more information about out retreat

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