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DMT is a powerful psychotropic and entheogenic substance which is characterized by several properties which makes it unique like its natural presence in human blood, brain and pineal gland. We can also find natural DMT in some entheogenic plants as Ayahuasca (Willka is composed by bufotenin, similar molecule to DMT).

DMT is naturally produced in small quantity by the pineal gland, also known as epiphyses, a little conic endocrinal gland in the brain that the French philosopher; René Descartes called; the soul headquarters. (In the Vedic mythology of Yoga, the pineal gland is associated to Chakra Ajna (third eye) and Sahasrara (Crown Chakra, situated on the top of the crane).

DMT Effects

Physical effects start with an increasing of blood pressure and pulsations,  pupil dilatation, a vibrating sensation which increases, like a wave which makes all our body’ s molecules vibrating.
(People with hypertension or cardiac problems should not consume DMT)
The following effects are vision alteration and hallucinations with colours and lightning, consciousness alteration, a rare and precious transcendental state of beatitude with solidarity with our inside and outside universe, a universal consciousness which lead to harmony and comprehension with all things. Some of the consumers report their frequent meetings with angels or extraterrestrial entities.

The altered states of consciousness lived with DMT can be assimilated to the state reached after deep meditation accompanied by sensorial privations and they are called differently according the traditions and beliefs (Samadhi in Yoga, Satori in Zen or illuminated state in the Jungian psychology).

DMT seems to be adapted to meditation rituals and is not an entertaining drug; we should treat it with lots of respect. The strong perception modifications and our own identity dissolution can be lived as traumatic by some people, a special team is necessary to avoid bad trips or states of anxiety.
Filder gives ceremonies of DMT made of the drinking of ayahuasca (it’s a cream).
There is possibility to sell DMT.

Testimony Yusuf:

It is perfect but so fast and experience is so unique and makes u understand in a way u don't expect. Hard to understand so after the experience u realize you need time to absorb or understand it so you don't do as much as ayahuasca and you need ayahuasca or mediation or other methods to understand or be part of the experience later on. Visions are heavenly. All ur chakras open in a second. You become God and you understand how or why you created this game. But it is different than you would expect. You can wake up in DMT if you have a mind set they say and I believe I had this too and u have every answer you ever thought or seek and that's love. It is the most beatiful single experience when u see that love and that's you. Ayahuasca is a way for me to arrive that stage cause with ayahuasca there are visions but not like this one. In DMT for me all visions were in energy form. And it feels like so long trip and it ends in a second. DMT according to researches release in the time of death so you have the experience of death or u stimulate it and u see it and feel it and you just loose your fear. It makes everything make sense cause u understand it is an illusion to make u forget yourself. But without ayahuasca and San Pedro u may have problem to wake up or remember first few sessions but eventually u hear what the medicine tells u. The effect in the beginning is so scary cause I believe u die for instant moment but just after that second the effect is full and conditional love and it takes 10min approximately to end. There are different ways to get it iv or frog or smoking...... Or more different ways. I just tried two. There is nothing to fear after some time.

Anything with DMT is heaven. And u see some different things and it gives more than u want or u can take, so some people like in my first DMT trip, their brains shut down in 3 seconds and all trip they sometimes don't remember cause of full love and information and understanding but when u do it like ayahuasca and u believe urself u wake up inside DMT and that's the moment u know u did break through. Some people have DMT from different plants cause of that DMT ratio is important or how to prepare. Otherwise u can see in YouTube videos that people who use it needs 2 min sometimes to go and experience seems not that high. But for me when I did in Iquitos it took 3 seconds for me after taking 3 puffs cause that shamans DMT was boss. Ayahuasca is DMT's 6 hours version and more light so that experience can be felt better or understood but when u master both u will be always happy. More info I can give but as u know something's are hard to tell before you experience or feel it. And I always wish to help whenever someone needs thank u for asking. And this messages might have sound weird but it was like this for me, and it explained me what I have been feeling in my ayahuasca experiences. Take care and have a nice day. See you:)

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