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How do these therapies help

How do these therapies help ?

Ayahuasca helps to cure many problems and diseases like traumas, depression, drug addiction, paranoia, schizophrenia, cancer, and curses or spells that have been cast on the individual … It allows one to understand and to solve personal problems due to clearing any feeling of fault. The patient cures themself with the aid of Ayahuasca and the shaman whom guides them by harmonizing and leading the ceremony, the shaman protects the patient of any negative energy.
The therapies vary based on the problem of the patient. Different materials are used, like the icaros (traditional Shipibo songs of treatment), the traditional Shipibo massage, baths of flower essence, mapacho (natural tobacco of the forest), and the absorption of energies and perfumes of flowers that the shaman makes. 
For a good result, it is recommended to do 3 sessions of Ayahuasca, but that varies according to each case. 
Ayahuasca helps the shaman visualize the problem of the patient. She (Ayahuasca) transmits the icaros to him this allows him to cure the patient. The icaros vary according to the case. There are icaros that give joy, others that protect the patient and others that tackle the problems due to the curse and any kind of problem that the patient is faced with. It is through his connection with the different elements and the spirits from nature that the shaman carries out the icaros. 
The flower essence baths purify the spirit and the body. Also the tobacco and the perfumes are used in the aim to purify the patient and to annihilate the bad energies and the bad spirits within the ceremony. The absorption of energies serves to remove the physical pains of the patient. The shaman absorbs the pain by the mouth, like suction, and with the aid of the tobacco Mapacho blows on the painful part of the patient.

Therapy with diet:

The therapy with diet is useful to heal people with strong physical or emotional illness. In this especial case the classic ceremonies are not enough.
They need a specific food diet which in most of the cases are not eating any of salt, meat, sugar, or drink any alcohol and be out in nature pretty much away from civilized world.
Ronin soy offer diets in the jungle (in his original birthing village near Pucallpa) or in the mountains in the sacred valley. Here the patient make 2 to 3 ceremonies a week and the singing of the shaman are according to the especial diet.
The patient become more receptive to the medicine and the healing goes deeper.
There are some strict diets and some not as much, depending on every case.

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