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Retreats with Ayahuasca Perú

  • Ayahuasca Retreats with Ayahuasca Perú
  • Ayahuasca Retreats with Ayahuasca Perú

The retreat, called diet by shipibo people, is recommended for people who wish to do a thorough personal introspection or to solve important psychological problems, sometimes psychiatric.

To begin, the shaman makes a first diagnosis during the first ayahuasca ritual. Indeed, ayahuasca makes visible the body of the patient to the healer, allowing him to visualize the problems he has and thus to know which specific treatment he must prescribe.

This treatment consists of daily ingestions of non-hallucinogenic medicinal plants, considered by the Shipibo as 'plants of power', the goal being that they penetrate the body of the patient in order to heal him and give him a new vitality based on new perspectives for his future life. For this, the applicant exposes himself to a whole series of bodily practices, such as plant ingestion, as we have seen, but also poultice, sweating and bathing plants. These processes are accompanied by strict dietary, social and sexual restrictions, the purpose of which is to incorporate the attributes of the healing plants. The diet is generally characterized by abstinence from salt, sugar, fat, alcoholic beverages and medications. In the case of people suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, the patient is subjected to the intake of emetic beverages for a 'detoxification' of the stomach.

All of these exercises are intended to weaken the person in order to sensitize them to the plants which then will be able to penetrate more easily their bodies. While in contact with plants, some people have a dreamlike activity accentuated – even dreams while awake that are generally very pleasant.

Note, however, that the 'diet' therapy is not suitable for all cases. People who are very depressed or physically weak do not have to ingest plants or do an alimentary diet. On the contrary, they must eat enough to gain strength. Their therapy will be via ayahuasca rituals only.

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The diet is accompanied by ayahuasca rituals - usually three a week - where the chants sung by the healer, if they obey the usual premises described in the section 'Why therapy?”, are here focused on a more advanced therapeutic process than in a simple ayahuasca ritual, since they also aim to make the 'plants of power' ingested by the patient operable, making him full of all this curative and vegetal vitality. Therefore, the ingested plants are combined with ayahuasca during the ritual and make the therapy deeper. It follows various stages that progress according to the different rituals and the duration during which the patient ingests the medicinal plants. It is generally recommended to do a diet for at least two weeks or more so that the plants can have enough time to soak into the person.

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