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Retreats with Ayahuasca Perú

The ayahuasca retreat is different than a simple retreat. It is an advanced cleansing of the body and spirit. This advanced cleansing is particularly beneficient for persons suffering from emotional problems and sick persons. However persons in good health desiring to work on themselves are benefiting also from the retreat.

A typical weekly retreat includes 2 or 3 ceremonies, a strict alimentary diet, consisting of a daily meal without salt, meat and alcohol, limited exterior contacts or visits to the village.

More simple retreat can be provided on request.

The client is a guest who has his own room outlooking the surrounding mountain in which he is free to make long walks and hikes.

Harmonious icaros are sung during the seance in order that the ayahuasca deeply penetrates and the client becomes more susceptible and receptive.

The retreat can be effectuated in our house situated in the mountain of the Sacred Valley near cusco or in the jungle near Pucallpa in the village of San Francisco of Yarinacocha. There is no time limit for a retreat. The lenght of the retreat can be determinated  by the guest himself or in collaboration with the shaman.

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