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  • Ayahuasca Perú Center Security

The safety of our customers is our number one priority. The shaman Filder Agustín Peña is one of the healers who has in his possession a certificate of traditional doctor certified by the Regional Government of Ucayali due to his advanced experience in the subject of healing with ayahuasca and other native plants.

In effect, he is a very skilled healer who has several years of experience with Western patients suffering from various ailments, including different types of acute depression.

The relationship with the patient is of greater importance and each ritual begins with a questionnaire about the physical and emotional state of the person, then a more concrete exchange to determine what kind of treatment he needs specifically. This one is given by the wife of the shaman, Doriane Slaghenauffi, who is a French anthropologist specialist of Amazonian shamanism and acts as the intermediary and informant of the newcomers.

In case of emergency, we are in contact with the nearest health center (Pisaq), which is 5 minutes by car or motorcycle taxi from the therapy place. We also have a first aid box.

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