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Ayahuasca con "Wish", el Shipibo Maestro. 2/16/14- My sweethearts birthday, we we were told to arrive at Wish's, "7 punto." Unfortunately, we'd gotten lost on the way, and night had fallen...we were scrambling through the dark beginning to lose hope when the Maestro arrived on motorcycle, and led us up the driveway to his house. We entered the ceremony room around 9 o clock, we all had a mat and a bucket to vomit in. Wish's uncle and his wife were there in support, along with Gaston, a jolly Venezuelan fellow who had been pursuing a month long diet with Wish, and Maria, a kind Russian student of Wish's. We mellowed out and prepared ourselves for the sacrament. I gulped down the first cup no problem, and we waited in the dark. Eventually, Wish's uncle began to sing a native Shipibo melody. To me it sounded like a beautiful walk through the rainforest. Soon wish chimed in and I laid back and waited for the cup to take effect, after about an hour of minimal results i had another cup and laid back again. This time I began to feel it. I let it work on me, I felt the plant saying, "Dont try." Any effort of my own seemed to be futile in contrast to just listening and feeling. I could feel it soaking into my DNA, slowly repairing my genetic code. Wish played his guitar and sang, masterfully. Later in the night he played the Quena, like a boss. His voice seemed to resonate in our bodies. I did not sleep, the next morning I was so weak. I could not eat breakfast until i finally purged. Then, I ate ALOT, organic butter, avocadoes, fresh bread...Wish fed us very, very well. The rest of the day we spent chillin. This was February 17th, my birthday... That night was our second ceremony. All went as before; we had our first cup, then they began to sing...I felt so peaceful, like I was having a solid mushroom trip. Wish offered a second cup, but I declined, because I felt so content. Also, i was feeling skeptical, wondering if this Ayahuasca thing was really worth it. But Wish insisted, so I took the cup, and hesitated...then he demanded, "Drink it por favor." Immediately I vomited, and fell forward spilling the contents of my bucket into my hair. My head was on the floor, and my fingers were tangling into my hair, and I barely remember feeling like the vomit was a bizzarre anointing. This was the beginning of more than an hour of me writhing around on the ground in a fluid serpentine manner. I was following Wish's voice as he sang with his guitar. I was burrowing into a fractalling mandala, chasing bliss. Every second pulled me deeper and deeper into revelations of perfect bliss. I was following it, spinning sliding and curling around on the floor, knocking stuff over, farting, belching, all sounds seemed like a symphony. At times the guitar would mellow out and i would become still enough to experience perfect peace, like a plant might feel. I realized that Ayahuasca was a gift given to let people die while still alive, so they could return from death stronger, healthier, and with an experience of the divine. I kept saying "You exist!" Because I was amazed at how proficiently powerful Wish was. Fear also flashed through my mind, in shameful visions of guilt from bad habits, and past pain felt from my parents and other people Id shared negative energy with. At one point, Wish put down the guitar and stood over me. I felt him brush out my energy, like a comb through knotty hair. I have back issues, and he seemed to heal them, setting me straight. I heard him saying, "This is love. this is healing." And i knew that this was the absolute deepest I'd ever felt love in my entire life. "Thank you for healing me." I repeated, as my trip toned down. He laid me down on my mat, which was unfortunately still covered in vomit. My body spasmed through out the night, and visions of guilt still plagued me. I did not sleep until the next night, leaving me without slumber for about 65 hours. My girlfriend and I hiked to Macchu Picchu and returned for our final ceremony a week later. This was Gaston's last ceremony, he had finished his diet. Wish's uncle and wife were not there, but we had picked up a new psychonaut, Yussef. 2 cups in I still had full control, Gaston seemed to be struggling, and ironically, so did Wish, he was holding his arms and shaking his feet as he leaned against the wall next to Gaston. Gaston seemed to be freaking out a little so I approached him and hugged him and tried to bring him positive energy, the love of God. Wish let me play his guitar, and i played it for maybe half an hour before vomiting. During this time Gaston seemed to recollect his loving and lighthearted attitude. Wish had left the room, and i rose to pick up my bass...and played until Wish returned. My girlfriend seemed real sick, but it may be because she was pregnant at the time (we found that out several weeks later, lol...)! After maybe an hour, Wish returned and began to sing the icaros, powerfully and clearly. Nothing compares to these ancient songs sung with the power and mastery of our maestro Wish. The night wound down, and i collected my teams vomit buckets and dumped them into the toilet as I sang to myself and tripped out at my reflection in the mirror. Once again I did not sleep, but, I felt good. Thank you Wish for these life expanding experiences! It has been difficult to integrate such profundity into our lives again, but i know that deep down healing has happened and we are stronger and more evolved now. "You are strong!" -Gaston A Pachamama! sincerely, Benjamin.

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