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Ayahuasca Perú - Shaman - Master - Specialist

Filder has something super powerful within himself, and that’s what encouraged me. He has a charisma that makes you feel like trusting him. What pleased me about him is that he can be a good and friendly father in his everyday life, and while at work, he becomes fully involved in his role as a shaman with all the necessary rigour. When he was performing the ceremony, I didn’t recognize the Filder I had gotten to know before. As a shaman, he displays a great force, coming from his presence and the power of his chants. Even if I didn’t understand them, I could feel them tremendously, especially during the last ceremony, he was fully immersed into it. I really had the impression of being with another person than Filder. During the ceremony, I wouldn’t have joked with him like I would’ve done in everyday life. He really commands respect. I felt he was the instrument of ayahuasca. It’s the plant that totally guides him. He’s able to see what we can’t see with our everyday eyes.

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