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Ayahuasca Perú - Shaman - Master - Specialist

My Name is Dilara Bugdayci,
I have met shipibo Filder through a friend lets year, me, my husband and my 8 year old son have stayed in his house with his family during our trip to Peru in 2014,
We had the greatest spiritual experience, we have learnt a lot about our selves. We understood and remembered so many knowledges. 
We are very grateful to meet Filder who is a natural born shibivo, his Icaros are very powerfully healing, in one of the ceremony he has literally saved my life! So you really need a real shaman other wise this can be very dangerous!
also his beautiful family and his magical house in the valley made our journey very fantastic,
He is a great cook too, he made natural delisious food, he is not very strict with the dieta but it worked out totally with us.
Although he is young, he is very wise, he is one of those holly kind who has strong connection with the Creator:)
God bless him and his beautiful family!

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