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I have taken Ayahuasca a few times. For this people I contacted the most varied : from jungle shamans to shamans in the center of Lima. The plant is the plant, as well know who have ventured into its domain. So What role does the Ayahuasca , the guide ? Why is it so important? I think the importance of the guidance is clear , as it will be the ground wire : in charge of go bringing the ceremony. How to do it? With experience and with the song (at least the perception of who is on this side , ie the side that will take) . It may sound a little ... romantic, but it is indeed so . Of all the times I took, except the last ( with Fielder ) , forced me to believe that a little singing and ritual, the healer , I think that deep thought could  without them. So I walked up one day contacted , through a mutual friend , with Fielder . First impression: a good boy, you will have taken ayahuasca many times, and it's Shipibo , but only that. At that point I did not trust a lot of people , and thought maybe ayahuasqueros " authentic " would have been consumed by this was Catholic and mercantilist . Still, there was nothing to lose. So I decided to do a ceremony. What I found ? As a knowledgeable guide : is very cheerful and seems to be crazy but , in addition to knowing exactly what he does, has a terrible force and you can go get you anywhere (my sense , of course) . He taught me , not in theory , not in words , the music , the songs , the ícaros , are indeed strings to hold , to unite the two worlds , a rope to the place ... whatever you call it. Also, another thing that surprised me is that in the middle of the night , and in the middle of the ceremony , you could talk a while of things, of life and such, but in a tone of celebration, with laughter and humor. I'm not saying that you can not get to this link with other shamans , for nothing. But it happened to me with it, and go. Each person should seek his own, but as long as you start with the issue of ayahusca you do not know very well where you stand here I think I left a few important guidelines . That guide is one person who inspires confidence , and has good humor. Fielder qualities that you can spare . Sure.
Federico Arcuri , Spain

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