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Ayahuasca Perú - Shaman - Master - Specialist

I feel fortunate to have had my first ayahuasca experience with Wish alias Ronin. We met in the plaza at 7:30 and made our way to his home where his lovely wife and 3 daughters greeted is warmly. In the ceremonial room we were all given a bucket, a mattress and a blanket, i had lots of space and felt very comfortable. I enjoy the small group setting for really getting deep into the medicine, having later experienced ayahuasca in a very large group i can say for sure that i much prefer to sit with Wish. We drank the medicine and relaxed while waiting for the medicine to take effect, Wish serenaded us with his beautiful Icaros, the medicine came on within 45 minutes and i was taken into the most beautiful life changing experience i have ever had. I may also add that i found the small taste of honey offered after drinking the ayahuasca was a very nice touch that i haven't experienced anywhere else and it adds beautifully to the experience. Wish sang us through our journey to what I'm assuming was 4/5 in the morning, playing the guitar and the flute as well. He also spent time with each person singing to them and checkin in on us through our journey. After the ceremony ended we were welcome to sleep for a few hours. I would highly reccomend Wish to anyone looking to experience ayahusca, it is wonderful to be able to have to opportunity to sit with a true Shipibo in Pisac as well. Many thanks brother.

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