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Quickly I went to Cusco and Pisac Pisac took a motorcycle taxi to Taray, came with my friend Julio , one of the scholars I met in Cusco and "Christmas" and told him this man who was our contact with " Wish" , the teacher in a few minutes we would find . Arriving in the afternoon we walked Tamarisk to the outskirts of the village to that time we were passing through a valley where the only sound was the river with a loud " fuuuushhhh " this wonderful paseo.subiamos accompanied by a path Mountains are full of large indicating that we were on the right path , right , a valley green background color and odor , finally got a small hill and there was the house we were looking for a house solitary reddish in that mystical only inspired mountain stillness and reflection. Touching the door we receive the Shipibo Fielder ( Wish ) with a smile that invites us to spend , we laughed a bit and then informs us that around 9 begin the ceremony. I was a little scared, but I calm conversation with Fielder enough, he went to order the part where ceremonies ago and soon invited us . Upon entering I realize how much art there hung on the walls of a bill unparalleled pictures of the most vivid colors with varied textures and pointillism technique mixed with indigenous issues had never seen . Christmas to me that is the art of Wish and is a tradition of Shipibo culture , we were a large room where we waited mattresses with blankets for each of the attendees and a boat to vomit and throw out all the bad energies . The teacher put on his suit, organize your items for the ceremony, put their instruments in order and called us to approach him to us to take the Ayahuasca . Fielder blew snuff before the addition of other things that I did not notice either , I approached asked permission to drink from silver and consumed . At first I burned a little and went to bed on the side where my mattress. In minutes I started to feel weird embraced by Wish chants accompany us throughout the night, the light was off and at that time I was, my mind, the world and fielding icaros . In a rapid rise full of color and life was unthinkable crossing passages , clarifying truths that at that time I was not prepared to meet , but Icaros Wish 's ancestors made ​​me realize what I was seeing , making me use the experience of the best possible way. It was initially a little pitch and strong, with many visions , colors and shapes of elephants that came before me showing me how wise she is nature, made ​​me feel one with the cosmos and with something to name the history of life , feeling rhythm and vibration of the universe. After a while and then throw up a couple of times , I felt I could have a little more control with the plant and I make decisions , I decided to visit my loved ones , I saw every one of them , even some that had already been gone, greeted me told me that everything was in order and it was on the right path , so here ahi.La night I left there and cleaning followed was long and hard , and when I thought there was a clear cleaner in my body, mind and soul so big that all I could do was thank , thank the creator , to the wise and plant life , singing. I sang and sang while still singing their icaros wish , minutes later we stopped and told Fielder " to god this is great " and I answered " Just like that daddy " .
Then in September of that experience , the desire for wisdom in my have increased and I think the connection and strength can be increased with this wise plant, in addition to being in the hands of a professional like Fielder means you can use the experience of the best way , now again in February with the teacher taray Wish to a diet of 30 days, told me that it will be hard but I know that is the path I should take .
Gastón Gomez

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