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My experience with ayahuasca .

By my thanks to the healer and friend Ayahuasca Master Fielder Agustin Peña , I will give my descent as bis granddaughter of former Peru President Oscar Benavides Reimundo as Santiago Benavides Matarrazo daughter was the one who introduced me to this world that gave meaning my life at that time empty and disconnected (although I must admit that I had a social life important).

My father came from a diet with Fielder ( Wish ) , according to what he told me that he was recommended to Wish Otorongo and he needed somebody special because counterspace being loaded and Wish to send him there came the most loaded . We met my father for incidence in Lima in the apartment of my grandmother , since we both live outside Peru . He told me to pay you all going to do two ceremonies with Fielder . I like bad Peruvian who had never been outside of Lima , Cusco reach and went to see Machu Picchu, in the way I met a Brazilian who invited me who brought the Brazilian ayahuasca . In the frace Wainapichu I get that would help me do the ceremony with Wish , and would give me the courage I needed to get the same day he returned from Aguas Caliente to making ceremony with Fielder .

The frace was " Still show me your nature." A final Fielder as poor call like 5 times afraid to go and I kept saying to do what I felt , comes as the 10 pm to Pisac , there is almost ready to start I expected Fielder ceremenia . Take one glass of ayahuasca and ask the frace plant that I had come in Wainapichu . After about 4 hours within myself, conducting a physical purgation of two buckets of vomit and psychoanalysis that would lead a decade to achieve in a normal state , if that was possible because the plant was just me and her. And with the help of Icaros gave me relief, in the collection of my miserable life in the Kaliyuga ( I was never forced to go to school and surfing in tropical waters almost every day ) in a moment of silence and almost at dawn say the first word, "Help me I can not breathe I'm gonna die " Fielder kept saying you're not going to die the plant protects you and me which I did not realize I could talk I begged him to please go on.

When Cancajo and although had not slept all night I felt with energy , as if floating and everything shone like new , I felt a contact with nature that made ​​me feel part of something bigger than my individuality . I think I went back to birth. Change my life , and I gave meaning Ayahuasca many more times, each very different and interesting.

Some counts that I realized later :

- Do not do Ayahuasca with menstruation , little detail that my father told me about the diet before the ceremony . When you're with the other door mestrucion dimencional BEGINS .

- Do not take Ayahuasca if you know where it comes from and preferably in Ceremony .

The people who took leave of the Brazilian Ayahuasca never told me what happened to them was that sick. I had the luck that the day after the ceremony I Wish clean.

( do not give my nobre because in these seasons that are spied in every possible way I prefer to keep my privacy )

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