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Ayahuasca Perú - Shaman - Master - Specialist

Ayahuasca... warrior medicine. Serious work for serious people. If you want to get serious, if it's not a joke to you, or its not on your check list of ''fun things to do in in Peru",if you want to do some real work,

Go see Filder. To me, he is the Jimi Hendrix, of Ayahuasca shaman... Some people can't handle Hendrix..they can't comprehend the heaviness. If you don't understand Hendrix, you may want to look elsewhere.

Filder is the REAL DEAL. He is from a FAMILY of shaman,he grew up in it, breathed it, lived it,became it. He is an incredible musician and the sacred ICAROS he brings to the table are POWERFUL.He is also very funny and very down to Earth. Peru is filled with popular shaman who seemingly run "personality" cults..to me, 5 people in a ceremony is plenty. 30 is ridiculous. Filder's ceremonies are small and attentive.

Filder brings you into his HOME,into his life and into his family. His Temple is right inside his house. His beautiful paintings are testimony to his many many Ayahuasca journey's.

My 1st ceremony was during a solo trip to Peru. I was lucky enough to find Filder, and man, was I glad I did. Judging from the other traveller's I met on my trip, and talked with about ayahuasca,

I had a very unique and deep experience .. not everyone has such..many people I talked with seemed to miss the whole meaning of it. This wont happen with Filder.

(on my 2nd ceremony,three months later, I brought my friend of 23 years and he feels exactly as i do)

On a serious note..you have to KNOW yourself and be able to face your FEAR's to get the most out of these ceremonies..You cannot even begin to understand the work these shaman are undertaking, bringing soul-sick westerners into the Other world and back, and protecting and guiding them..Pay him well, for he deserves much more than the money. What ever you pay I promise you you will NEVER get the help you will get here, from a Western head doctor. With full confidence and the most respect, I can absolutely recommend Shaman Filder and his lovely Family, to any TRUE warriors who seek the Ayahuasca magic ceremony.

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